Q: Can I use Cisco Learning Credits for payment?

A: No. This course is not associated with or authorised by Cisco and is completely independent.

Q: Will the bootcamp run on other dates?

A: Possibly, but only the announced dates are planned at the moment.

Q: Will I receive the the answers to the actual exam questions?

A: No, but we will practise all the skills needed to pass.

Q: I am not ready for Expert level yet. How can I prepare for the bootcamp?

A: I would recommend the official learning track for DevNet Associate, then the DEVCOR. From there it is recommended to go directly to DevNet Expert. In contrast DevNet Professional would require a specialisation exam,which only have very small overlap with the Expert Lab exam blueprint.



Q: If you are the first to pass the DevNet Expert lab, why does you number end with 6 and not 1?

A: The DevNet numbers 20220001 through 20220005 were given to the creators of the program for the very awesome job they did creating this exam. As the first candidate to pass, I got the next number in the sequence: 20220006.